Ropes Course

ropes-course2The Tom Sawyer Ropes Course is an exciting and challenging adventure program for any youth group. The Ropes Course helps groups and individuals develop confidence, build trust, and learn decision-making and problem solving skills while having fun outdoors. The Ropes Course Program consists of two parts; Group Initiative activities and Ropes Course events. Each plays a significant part in developing cooperation and teamwork among group members.

Group Initiative activities are fun, interactive games that encourage communication and develop leadership and problem solving skills. These activities build teamwork and provide a common understanding for the Ropes Course events.

The Ropes Course events are built 25 to 30 feet off the ground between utility poles. Each event has a specific physical goal which creates in participants a perceived risk of falling and/or failing. These mental obstacles present growth opportunities for participants. By helping youth meet these challenges and encouraging group members to support each other, Tom Sawyer staff teach participants how to overcome fears. As a result, group members often become closer friends and a more cooperative team.

Safety is a number one priority at the Ropes Course. The course is inspected annually by an industry-approved specialist to ensure that all parts, cables, and other equipment are in proper condition and functioning optimally. Our ropes course facilitators have received specialized training in operating the course and in the most effective belay techniques (referring to the process by which participants are secured into the system of cables, ropes and pulleys with their harnesses and kept safe from falling). Each ropes course program is directed by a lead Tom Sawyer facilitator who brings years of experience in creating a positive, safe and worthwhile environment for the group.

ropes-course1Ropes Course 2Program costs vary with the number of participants and staff, and the length of program. Ropes Course programs range from 4 hours to several days depending on the group size and interest. The course can handle groups of up to 30, although the best number is about 15. Programs can be scheduled during the week, on weekends or during holidays.

This program is ideal for scout groups, athletic teams, clubs, special needs groups, and as a unique opportunity for a field trip. Our staff can design a program specifically for your group, focusing on your individual goals and needs such as strengthening confidence or getting your group to work together as a team. Participants must be at least ten years old. For more information and pricing, call the camp office at (626) 794-1156.

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