Senior Counselors

TSC is now accepting applications for Summer Camp 2021!

NOTE: We are currently FULL and do not have any open positions for Summer 2021

Join us for an amazing summer job!


A job at a summer camp gives you career skills in leadership, communications, public speaking, supervision, problem solving and decision making. Working at Tom Sawyer Camps will more than likely be the most challenging and most rewarding job you have ever had. Where else could you have so many learning opportunities in an out-of-door environment working with kids!?

Working at TSC is a great way to start your career. Click here  to read more about why this is true.

Tom Sawyer Staff place the needs of children first and foremost. You spend your entire day with children. Successful staff organize activities each day while maintaining a sense of responsibility. Throughout the summer you are supported by your coworkers and the administration. You will develop life-long friendships, identify new strengths within yourself and make a difference in the life of a child.

Counselors are the KEY to success at TOM SAWYER and each of our 100+ counselors must have a unique mix of maturity, patience, enthusiasm, creativity, endurance, imagination and above all a genuine desire to work with a rambunctious bunch of lovable kids.


There are positions available in each of our four camps:

  • PRE-CAMP for ages 3 to 5 (through kindergarten)
  • DAY CAMP for ages 6 to 10 (through 5th grade)
  • OUTPOST for ages 11 to 14 (through 9th grade)
  • TSC TOO! for ages 5 to 9 (through 3rd grade)

Summer positions are available for group counselors, swim instructors/life guards, horseback riding instructors, rock climbing instructors, windsurfing instructors and more!

We begin hiring staff in January and continue through mid-May.

Step 1 is to flow the link below to fill out our online application.

Step 2 is to attend one of our five group interviews (usually held on Fridays).

Following the group interview, applicants will be invited back for individual interviews based upon their performance in the group interview. We offer jobs all during this process, so committing to an earlier interview is advantageous as more positions are available at that time. If you are not able to make one of the group interviews, give us a call to make other arrangements.

What are the dates that you need to be available?

  • Pre Camp: 9 weeks long, June 14 through August 13.
  • Day Camp: 9 weeks long, June 14 through August 13.
  • Outpost: 9 weeks long, June 14 through August 13.
  • TSC TOO!: 8 weeks long, June 14 through August 6.

TSC has mandatory training dates for all staff.  There are also mandatory training dates for all specialists (for example, Lifeguards, wranglers, group counselors). Training dates typically start the two weeks prior to the first day of camp and run up until the start of camp (approximately June 5-June 12).  A detailed list will be mailed with our summer job application packet.

If you’re interested, please email us or call (626) 794-1156!

Apply now for a summer job!

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