Transportation Terms and Conditions

Tom Sawyer Camps is pleased to offer safe and convenient door-to-door transportation to most of our camp families. Please read this information carefully.



PRECAMP:  In Pre-Camp there are fewer routes and we cover a smaller pick-up area than our other camps. We pick up in La Cañada, Pasadena, Altadena, South Pasadena, San Marino, Sierra Madre and the northern parts of San Gabriel (north of Longden) and Arcadia (north of Huntington). For those campers outside our pick-up area, we have pick-up points such as Big Lots in western La Cañada, Ralphs (Foothill Blvd) in Arcadia and San Rafael Park in Pasadena. Other spots can be arranged. The PC day is from 9:00 to 2:00.

SUMMER DAY CAMP AND OUTPOST:  With more routes we can cover a larger area. Besides the above named areas we pick-up in Los Feliz (at two pick-up points), La Crescenta (east of Pennsylvania Ave), Glendale (north of the 134 and east of Grandview) and Arcadia (north of Duarte). The SDC/OP day is from 9:05 to 3:45. If you have a camper in PC and a camper in SDC/OP, they will be on DIFFERENT routes.

TSCTOO!:  Our pick-up area includes Altadena, Arcadia, La Canada, Sierra Madre, Pasadena, San Marino, San Gabriel/Temple City (North of Longden), and South Pasadena. We have pick up points available at San Rafael Park, and points near Temple City, as well as a number of other pick up points available. The Too day is from 9:05 – 3:00.

OTHER IMPORTANT POINTS: Our vans have a limited number of passengers. We can only allow your child to be on one route and therefore, you need to use the same pick-up and drop-off spot. You can, however, use the bus in either the AM or the PM and our extended day camp for the other part of the day.


Tom Sawyer Camps provides door-to-door service unless you live in an inaccessible area as determined by our office. The accessibility of an area is based on multiple factors such as time traveled, geographical location, road accessibility, and safety. If the location of your home is determined to be inaccessible by the camp office, we can arrange a pick-up and drop-off point close to your home, or you may choose to drop off and pick up your camper at camp each day. If you are concerned about your home being inaccessible, please contact the office prior to enrolling your camper(s).


Tom Sawyer Camps’ drivers are required to pass a pre-employment physical and drug/alcohol test, obtain a California Commercial Drivers License, and complete over 20 hours of pre-camp drivers training. Their driving records are approved by our insurance company. Our vans are inspected each morning prior to use and all campers 7 and under are transported in a booster seat (provided by TSC). Drivers carry fire extinguishers and first aid kits in the vehicles at all times, and they are trained in both First Aid and CPR.


While we offer door-to-door transportation, Tom Sawyer Camps does not offer a “taxi” service. Because of the many logistics involved in providing this type of service to hundreds of families each summer, we are not able to accommodate specific requests of any kind for pick-up times, drop-off times, etc., regardless of parents’ work schedules or other time commitments.



Your pick-up time is determined by your home’s distance from camp and from your van driver’s home. We cannot accommodate specific requests for early or late morning pick-up times for this reason. Your exact pick-up time (a 10-15 minute window) will be given to you by your van driver during the weekend prior to your session, and should remain consistent throughout the session by the second or third day of camp (there are certain exceptions to this when split session campers leave or join a route half way through the session). Please have your camper ready by the pick-up time, as delays inconvenience other families on the route.

Your drop-off time in the afternoon (a 15 minute window) will be given to you by your van driver during the weekend prior to your session, and should remain consistent throughout the session by the second or third day of camp (again, there may be certain exceptions to this when split session campers leave or join the route half way through the session). This drop-off time is determined by your home’s distance from camp. An adult must be home to meet your camper. If an adult other than the parent will be meeting your camper, please contact the camp office to let us know. We cannot drop off a camper without an adult being present. Exceptions to this can be made prior to the start of camp by completing a release form. Contact the office if you would like a copy of this form.

If your camper attends 5 days per week, in rare cases, you may have a different van driver on MWF than on T/Th, as well as different pick-up and drop-off times on those days. If your camper is in Outpost or Day Camp (SDC) and attending our first session (6 weeks), bus routes will be done for the first 3 weeks and again the second 3 weeks due to the number of campers signed up for just one of the 3 week sessions. Most likely, your bus route times will change mid-session.

Note: Most of our routes are up to an hour long and could stop at 10 homes. If we have 10 pickup points (homes) on a route, and each pickup takes 5 minutes, your camper could be on a route for an hour if they are one of the first picked up (even if you only live 20 minutes from our camp location). For this reason, we cannot accept special requests for later or earlier pick up or drop offs on routes. Our staff on the vans do a wonderful job making the van route entertaining, and we often hear that riding the van is a highlight of the day.



Parents not choosing to use the door-to-door trans­portation option or who live in inaccessible areas can drop their child off at camp in the morning and pick him/her up in the afternoon. The camp day is from 9:00 to 2:00 for Pre-Camp, 9:05 to 3:00 for TSCTOO! and 9:05 to 3:45 for Summer Day Camp and Outpost. Please note on your enrollment form if you will be picking up and dropping off your camper.

If you are unable to pick-up and/or drop-off your camper at these times, he or she must be enrolled in our Extended Day Camp program for the session. Extended Day Camp is open from 7:30 AM until the start of camp and from the end of camp until 6:00 PM each day. If you will be using the Extended Day Camp program, please make note of this when you enroll your camper. Separate fees apply and will be reflected on your invoice. Extended Day Camp is not available on a day-to-day basis.


Make sure to fill out the transportation section completely, indicating whether you will be using our van transportation, picking up and dropping off your camper, or using our Extended Day Camp program. Confirmation of your choice for transportation will be included in your camper’s enrollment confirmation. If you need to change your trans­portation plans, please call our office immediately. We cannot accommodate transportation changes made after June 1.

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