COVID-19 Information & Updates 

Content updated 11/1/2022. Please check back periodically for the most current information & news related to COVID-19’s impact on TSC’s camp programs and operations.

4/20/22 Day Camp Reopening Protocols

The Pasadena Department of Public Health (PPHD) released Reopening Protocols for Day Camps. Tom Sawyer Camps will continue to follow all requirements and recommendations of state and local authorities as they are released. Currently masking is optional at camp. See 3/4/21 update below.

Day Camp Reopening Protocols 2022

3/4/21 Masking Updates

The California Department of Public Health continues to adjust masking guidance to reflect reduced COVID-19 transmission and higher vaccination rates across many communities.

Per Pasadena Public Health Department (PPHD) , masking in outdoor settings was lifted on February 26, 2022.  This applies to all individuals regardless of vaccination status, at all settings including schools and other youth settings. Therefore until further notice, masking while outdoors at camp, is now optional for campers and staff. TSC understands we have families that have a broad range of comfort with masking and we encourage each family to make the decision that is best for them.

Additionally Pasadena Public Health Department (PPHD) will align school masking measures with the state and shift to strongly recommending indoor masking requirements for childcare sites and K-12 schools beginning March 12. Since TSC campers are not indoors, this current health order doesn’t impact our current guidelines. Tom Sawyer Camps continues to monitor and comply with all health orders.

COVID-19 Operations

TSC Ran Safely through Summer 2020 and Summer 2021. Since June 2020, the State of California authorized Day Camps to open and run during the pandemic. Tom Sawyer Camps has been operating continuously since July 2020, when LA County and the City of Pasadena also gave us permission to open and run camp.

This means we ran Summer 2020 and have been running programs without interruption since reopening. In following all State, County, and City requirements, we ran without any Covid-19 outbreaks. We could have unknowingly had someone at camp who was asymptomatic but due to the layers of Covid-19 protection we have at camp, as well as running completely outdoors, we had no known camp transmissions.  We have a proven track record that our protocols and procedures are working and feel optimistic about Summer 2022.

Our Regulatory Agencies

We are permitted to be open, including when Los Angeles County and the City of Pasadena, unless we receive specific orders to close from the County and/or City. We follow the most current federal and local guidelines with regards to best practices for preventing, identifying, and managing COVID-19. We partner with the following agencies and follow their required guidelines, requirements and protocols in full.

California Department of Public Health Guidelines:

Los Angeles County Health Department Requirements:

City of Pasadena Health Dept Protocols:

We are proudly accredited by the American Camp Association. Our procedures were also developed and informed by a detailed Field Guide created specifically for the American Camp Association and the YMCA

Our Procedures

These procedures kept us safe through Summer 2020 and we anticipate they will do so again in Summer 2021. We require all families and participant to adhere to these to keep everyone safe. Because of the close contact within a camp community, and to mitigate the risks, we have implemented many new protocols and procedures, summarized below.

  • Per state and local authorities, and until further notice, masking while outdoors at camp is now optional for campers and staff. TSC understands we have families that have a broad range of comfort with masking and we encourage each family to make the decision that is best for them.
  • Physical distancing of 3ft. to 6ft. or more, whenever possible.
  • Groups of 12-16 campers with 2 staff in age-based cohorts move throughout the activities at camp so groups do not overlap.
  • Current heightened hygiene protocols for cleaning and disinfecting with limited shared equipment, where possible.
  • Daily Covid-19 health screening of all campers and staff. Abundant supply and use of PPE.
  • Weekly Covid -19 testing of staff, regardless of vaccination status.
  • As of March 1, 2021, the CDC recognized summer camp staff as essential workers. We are strongly encouraging our camp staff to get vaccinated.
  • Communication, education, training, and testing of staff for Covid-19 and use of current and best practices.
  • Plan for quarantine and reporting should an outbreak occur, which includes communication with local authorities.

For a detailed list of Operating Procedures for Summer 2022, please email We are happy to answer any questions about last summer or about this upcoming summer.

Acknowledgment of Risk

As we know, COVID-19 will be with us for the foreseeable future. No matter what procedures and protocols are put in place, there is simply no way to guarantee that COVID-19 or any other communicable disease will not enter camp. By the very nature of the personal interactions that take place in a school or camp environment, there is always a risk of your child contracting this or any other disease or infection. We do have a proven track record of keeping participants safe while operating camp during Covid-19 and will continue to do everything within our power to keep your camper healthy and safe.

We welcome you to call our office (626-794-1156) with any questions related to COVID-19. We would be happy to discuss our policies and procedures to help you determine if camp is a good fit for you and your child this summer. If 2022 isn’t the right summer for your family to come to camp, we hope to see you at TSC in the future!

Recent Parent Testimonials

Thank you TSC for a wonderful summer!! We will be forever grateful that you decided to run camp, despite the pandemic, and show how it can be done. It was honestly life changing for our kids (and our whole family) to be able to participate in TSC this summer. It made the world of difference for our kids to be outside in nature, run around, have adventures, and socialize with other children their age. We look forward to many TSC adventures in our future!  – Yasmin

We are so grateful and appreciative for TSC. During these unprecedented times, you came to the rescue of every child that had the opportunity to attend camp this year. Thank you for going above and beyond to make camp happen. I know none of us will truly know what it took to make camp open this summer but I imagine it took quite the dedication of all your staff to make it possible. I am sure your counselors know the impact they have on their campers in their group but if not, please share our gratitude. Every day when I picked my children up, they would say “it was the best day ever.” – Stephanie

On behalf of my family, we wanted to thank you for this memorable Covid, socially distanced, well organized camp year. Our kids had a blast, can’t stop talking about TSC, have scars and bites to reminisce, and can’t wait to come back to camp again. Cheers to all of you – Aram

When we were looking at her camp group photo, I asked my daughter who her friends were. She said: "All of them!"

TSC Family2021

Felicity woke up each day looking forward to camp! She still sings the songs, talks about the horses, and mentions what she learned on a daily basis. It was a wonderful experience and we are so thankful to have had this opportunity.

TSC Parent2021

My campers often look at the TSC photo and still name their friends. Thank you and the TSC family for creating such a gift for families.

TSC Parent2021

Our Campers want to be Counselors someday, because of the examples that your Counselors set for them. Tom Sawyer is encouraging them to be leaders.

TSC Family 2021

Camp has given our child confidence to try many new things like archery, horses, swimming, climbing, high ropes, and taking the initiative to make new friends.

TSC Family2021

I was impressed by the high level of communication between the camp leadership and parents. If something came up at camp, they helped my child grow skills to handle things and always updated me about it.

TSC Family2021

My daughter had the absolute best time! She learned new skills, made friends, and came home, every day, covered in mud! It was exactly what summer should be.

TSC Parent2021

Our son Oliver adores TSC. Loves the counselors, all the activities, and the fellow campers.  TSC has become a summer family tradition.  He hopes to one day be a counselor!

TSC Parent2021

Our daughter stepped outside her comfort zone on the rock wall and high ropes and is so proud of herself! The well-trained staff made it a great and safe experience for her.

TSC Parent 2021

My son had a wonderful time. All his needs were met including his fear of swimming. The counselors were fantastic with him.

TSC Parent2021