Pre Camp

Ages 3 to 5 (Currently in TK or younger)

NOTE: Campers must be potty trained and 3 years old by June 1 to attend camp.

Pre Camp is 9 weeks long broken into 1 and 2 week sessions. Camp day is 9:00 – 3:15.

A truly unique program, Pre Camp was founded in 1966 with the commitment to offer the Tom Sawyer experience to pre-school age children. This is an especially important age for children to learn the joys of sharing outdoor adventures with friends without the restrictions of fences, noise levels, and clean clothes. A Tom Sawyer Pre Camper experiences the fun of exploring make believe territories with their group and builds their confidence by learning to ride our horses and developing swimming skills. Campers are able to develop an open and confident mind, a healthy and well-coordinated body, the ability to cooperate with their peers, and an enthusiastic spirit.

Each child participates in a coed group of 12-13 children and is led by a well trained group of 3 staff. Each group receives age and skill appropriate swimming and horseback riding instruction. Campers arrive at camp at 9:00am and leave at 3:15pm, ready for a long nap.

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  • Activities include Horseback riding, Swimming, Archery, Activities/Wilderness Living, Unstructured Play, and so much more!
  • Not every activity is done every day.
  • Badges earned at Pool and Horses.
  • PC swim area is shallowest part of Pool (3ft), with a 3:1 camper to counselor supervision ratio.
  • Campers are swim tested on the first day and evaluated regularly thereafter.
  • All pool staff are certified by the American Red Cross as Lifeguards, including First Aid, CPR and AED certifications and conduct regular drills throughout the summer.
  • Must be 3 years old and potty trained by June 1st.
  • Bring Lunch, Snacks, (lunch not provided).

When we were looking at her camp group photo, I asked my daughter who her friends were. She said: "All of them!"

TSC Family2021

Felicity woke up each day looking forward to camp! She still sings the songs, talks about the horses, and mentions what she learned on a daily basis. It was a wonderful experience and we are so thankful to have had this opportunity.

TSC Parent2021

My campers often look at the TSC photo and still name their friends. Thank you and the TSC family for creating such a gift for families.

TSC Parent2021

Our Campers want to be Counselors someday, because of the examples that your Counselors set for them. Tom Sawyer is encouraging them to be leaders.

TSC Family 2021

Camp has given our child confidence to try many new things like archery, horses, swimming, climbing, high ropes, and taking the initiative to make new friends.

TSC Family2021

I was impressed by the high level of communication between the camp leadership and parents. If something came up at camp, they helped my child grow skills to handle things and always updated me about it.

TSC Family2021

My daughter had the absolute best time! She learned new skills, made friends, and came home, every day, covered in mud! It was exactly what summer should be.

TSC Parent2021

Our son Oliver adores TSC. Loves the counselors, all the activities, and the fellow campers.  TSC has become a summer family tradition.  He hopes to one day be a counselor!

TSC Parent2021

Our daughter stepped outside her comfort zone on the rock wall and high ropes and is so proud of herself! The well-trained staff made it a great and safe experience for her.

TSC Parent 2021

My son had a wonderful time. All his needs were met including his fear of swimming. The counselors were fantastic with him.

TSC Parent2021