Day Camp

Currently in K through 4th Grade

Summer Day Camp (SDC) is 9 weeks long broken into 1 or 2 week sessions. Camp day is from 9:15 – 3:45. 

day-camp-hikingThe Tom Sawyer-Becky Thatcher Day Camp is famous for its horse and swimming instruction and the good old-fashioned games, nature activities, and adventures awaiting the children every day.

The campers are grouped by grade into an all–boys or all–girls group of 12 led by 2 Counselors. Group allegiance runs high, and group rivalry is strong but friendly. With guidance from their counselors, group members select their activities. One group may favor group games and activities, another may like playing in their fort and spying on other groups, and a third group may prefer to explore the “wild uncharted wilderness areas” just steps away from civilization. Adventures, real and imagined, seem to arise spontaneously, one after another, with the aid of our highly creative staff. Camp runs daily from 9:15am to 3:45pm.


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