outpost5Currently in 5th through 8th grade

Outpost (OP) is 9 weeks long broken into 1 or 2 week sessions. Camp day is from 9:15 – 3:45. 

Outpost provides campers with the opportunity to embark on new adventures in a positive, relaxed, and fun environment with sensitive, mature counselors. This is a challenging adventure program designed to provide a more rugged and varied approach to the Tom Sawyer Camp day.

While campers ride horses and swim in the traditional Tom Sawyer programs, the emphasis of Outpost is on rock climbing, windsurfing, and the challenging ropes course taught by our staff at local sites. In each activity, campers progress through basic skills and safety procedures as they grow and challenge themselves within their own comfort level. Many lasting friendships are formed in Outpost, and a number of Tom Sawyer staff members were once Outpost campers. Campers are grouped by age in coed groups of 13 led by a Senior Counselor and an Assistant Counselor.





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