Why Work at Camp

What You’ll Gain As A Tom Sawyer Counselor!

Are you ready to make a difference in a child’s life, be outside daily, learn valuable skills that can be used in any future job, make incredible memories, new friends, and gain a life-long community, all while having FUN? Then a summer job at Tom Sawyer Camps is the place for you!

Tom Sawyer Camps has been in operation since 1926 and has helped hundreds of young adults not only find a sense of community and a place where they can make a BIG difference, but also prepare for their adult lives with the experiences they had with us. Some of the top skills your future employers are looking for will be learned by being a camp counselor. During your time as a counselor, you will have the opportunity to learn the following skills and many more:

  • Communication with peers, children, and supervisors
  • Leadership
  • Teamwork
  • Creative Thinking and Problem Solving
  • Responsibility and Time Management
  • Public Speaking
  • Flexibility and Adaptability
  • Professionalism and Dedication
Working at TSCTom Sawyer Camp Stafftom Sawyer Camp Staff

Being a camp counselor at Tom Sawyer Camps will be hard work and it will also be an extremely rewarding experience in many ways. As a counselor you have the opportunity to be a positive influence in the lives of many campers who will remember you for years to come. Not to mention, you will remember them and the lessons you learned at camp for the rest of your life. Don’t just take our word for it…read some of the statements past counselors have made!

“I learned to be part of a team. Working collaboratively helped me grow skills to work effectively in groups.”

“It was an opportunity to have a leadership role. I learned about my leadership style and leadership skills.”

“I got to see the tangible results of what I did and learned how to handle diverse situations.”

“I learned how to be adaptable. You stretch and grow and learn new things every day.”

“No matter what the challenge was, I found a way to solve it, which built my self-confidence AND had a lot of fun along the way.”

“I had a chance to build friendships with different people and opened my world to new perspectives.”

“Camp meant independence, teamwork, adventure, leadership, and fun! It meant becoming responsible to a group and to oneself. And it meant accountability, guidance for others, and freedom to achieve.”
– Michael D. Eisner
Chairman, the Walt Disney Company

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Senior Counselor
(Currently Attending College or 19+)
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School Year Positions
 (Current 11th grade and up)
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Current 9th or 10th graders checkout our Junior Counselor Program


Protecting children and youth is core to TSC’s mission. We have a zero tolerance policy for any form of abuse or harassment. TSC carefully screens applicants and requires all staff to be Live Scanned (DOJ fingerprinting) and complete child abuse prevention and reporting requirements.

When we were looking at her camp group photo, I asked my daughter who her friends were. She said: "All of them!"

TSC Family

Felicity woke up each day looking forward to camp! She still sings the songs, talks about the horses, and mentions what she learned on a daily basis. It was a wonderful experience and we are so thankful to have had this opportunity.

TSC Parent

My campers often look at the TSC photo and still name their friends. Thank you and the TSC family for creating such a gift for families.

TSC Parent

Our Campers want to be Counselors someday, because of the examples that your Counselors set for them. Tom Sawyer is encouraging them to be leaders.

TSC Family

Camp has given our child confidence to try many new things like archery, horses, swimming, climbing, high ropes, and taking the initiative to make new friends.

TSC Family

I was impressed by the high level of communication between the camp leadership and parents. If something came up at camp, they helped my child grow skills to handle things and always updated me about it.

TSC Family

My daughter had the absolute best time! She learned new skills, made friends, and came home, every day, covered in mud! It was exactly what summer should be.

TSC Parent

Our son Oliver adores TSC. Loves the counselors, all the activities, and the fellow campers.  TSC has become a summer family tradition.  He hopes to one day be a counselor!

TSC Parent

Our daughter stepped outside her comfort zone on the rock wall and high ropes and is so proud of herself! The well-trained staff made it a great and safe experience for her.

TSC Parent

My son had a wonderful time. All his needs were met including his fear of swimming. The counselors were fantastic with him.

TSC Parent